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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mutiara Idol Final


Mutiara, 6 Nov: Sorry because I'm late to post the Mutiara entry. Now everybody know who got the champion of Mutiara Idol....
Overall of performance from participant so excellent and ... fantastic.
Has 6 finalist in the final and one of them is a group performance..

Picture at above is all of finalist... from left is marcos and oxy, fikri, Luhat, Ridzuan, Farha and lastly is Wani.

And the the champion is Ridzuan.... Decission has been made by judge and votes from the audience...

His performance very powerful by the rockers vocal.... wow!!!...
To all of defeated participant dont sad and disappointed... Try again in the nest year....

P/S: Lastly... this first time my entry in english language... If have any correction in my grammar or other just tell to me... I want to improve my english.. I hope u all can teach and help me...

k.. fuhhh payah gak buat ayat dalam bahase omputih ni... hahahah.... aku tibai jer... janji sodap.. hahhahaha

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