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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Whats Going On "Proton Preve"???

Early in the morning i want to share a new about a new car from Proton. It's r Proton Preve.

As ususal, before im starting to work. I'll be reading email first.
What im shock, where the subject Proton Preve make me attracted to read.
I think just show the photo of this newly car,
but its a bad thing from proton.

So.. whats going on with newly minted Proton car.
Lets see together..

Oh my god, i think people will hesitate to plan buy this car,
maybe also the passenger will worry when their in the car.. huhuhuh

what a shame by proton, hope proton will improve their newly car to get back their customer.

Nice in show room, but its realy nice on the road????

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